Yasuko Hayata, along with Mariko and Isamu Watanabe, created the YaccoMaricard brand in 1977 when the Japanese fashion industry was blooming. The first retail store opened in Harajuku district in the center of Tokyo, a burgeoning scene of design talent, which was the birthplace of many fashion designers and labels.

The name YaccoMaricard is a combination of the founders’ first name Yacco, Mari and Ricardo

For over 38 years, the three founders have established YM Fashion Co., Ltd. in Japan as well as attended to take care of YaccoMaricard in terms of design, production and distribution in Japan, UK and Thailand.


Products for a fully coordinated look, centered on the use of natural materials, and characterized by products dyed in a rich color range, and an air of uniqueness. No particular target is required in terms of the age range or occupation of wearers. These are clothes for the woman that lives freely for the moment, letting her individuality shine through beautifully.

Garment dye More than 1,000 color available

‘A colorful and unique’