Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is established by Y.M.F. International Thai Co., Ltd. 

Y.M.F. International Thailand Co., Ltd. (which is also referred to as the “Company”) recognizes the importance of the protection of personal data and other information about you that has been given or will be provided to the Company so that you can trust that theCompany Transparency and accountability in collection, use or disclose your information under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) and other applicable laws. This Privacy Policy has been created to clarify and understand the details and procedures regarding the collection, use or disclose personal data processed by the Company, including officials and related persons who act on or on behalf of the Company.

1.     Scope of this Policy

This Policy covers personal information that the Company receives or collects from your visits, purchases of goods and services, subscription, advice, review, complaints, conducting surveys, or other activities as necessary through the Company’s website, social media channels, and the Company’s stores will not cover your usage of the Website, mobile applications, or third-party social media channels that can be linked to the website. Therefore, the Company recommends that you should read this Privacy Policy to acknowledge and understand how the guidelines and purposes for which the Company collects, uses and discloses your Personal Data.

2.     meaning

“Company” means Y. M.F. International Thailand Co., Ltd. 

“Personal Data” means information about a person, which makes it possible to identify you, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased. Examples of personal information such as name, last name, age, gender, nationality, date of birth, identification number, passport number, tax id, address, contact number or e-mail address, etc.

“Personal Data Subject” means the person who owns the Personal Data, hereby referring to “you” as a customer.

“Person” means a natural person. It does not include legally established legal entities such as corporations, associations, foundations, or any other organization.

“Company’s Website” refers to the Company’s website. 

“Company’s Shop” Refers to the store under the supervision of company Y. M.F. International Thailand Co., Ltd. 

“Brands” mean brands under the Company’s supervision, including YaccoMaricard, Shaka, Shaka-Leisure, Shaka-Saku, Zanpu, and Shakafe, which may be updated from time to time. 

3.     Collection of your Personal Data by the Company 

During your access to or use the Company’s website and social media channels, the Company may need to collect or receive personally identifiable personal information as follows

3.1     Personal information includes title, first-last name, gender, date of birth, age, I.D. number, passport number, taxpayer identification number, nationality, etc.

3.2     Contact information includes telephone number, mailing address to ship goods, receipt address, e-mail address, user account on social media websites, etc.

3.3     Financial information, including debit/credit card information.

3.4     Information about trading transactions with goods and services includes information about receiving payments from you/refunding money. Also, payment date, payment time, payment amount, purchase or order number, date/time of receipt or delivery of goods, product receipts from you, product warranty information, complaints and complaints, and other information relating to the purchase of goods and services from you.

3.5     Membership information includes membership account details, loyalty card number, loyalty points, membership type, subscription date, membership period, and other membership information.

3.6     Information about the behavior includes information about your shopping habits and services and your satisfaction response to the Company’s services. 

However, this is the collection of personal data of the Company shall be stored limitedly and sparingly only under the purposes set out in Article 4 of this Privacy Policy.

To collect, use or disclose your information, the Company will request your express written consent or electronic means before or while collecting personal data. You have the right not to consent to the provision of personal information. However, if you choose not to consent or withdraw your consent, it may prevent the Company from providing services to you.

In addition, the collection of information about child. The Company collects only with the consent of a custodial user who has the power to act on behalf of a child, guardians, or curator only. The Company will not collect information from customers we know clearly under the age of twenty years old or from incompetent and incompetent people without the consent of a custody user who has the power to act on behalf of a child, guardians, or curator. In case that consent is required if the Company is aware that the Company has collected personal data without intent from any person under the age of twenty years of age, virtually incapacitated or incompetent without the consent of the administrative user who has the power to act on behalf of the child, guardians, or curator, the Company will immediately delete such information or process only the information that the Company can do on a legal basis other than to obtain consent.

However, the Personal Data you provide to the Company must be accurate, complete, authentic, and non-misleading. You must update your Personal Data and inform the Company about changes to the Information through the Company’s contact channels specified in Article 11.

4.     The purpose for which personal data is collected for use or disclosure.

The Company collects, uses, and discloses personal information for the following purposes:

4.1     To communicate and provide the Company with the necessary information about products, updates, promotions, or campaigns held or held by the Company, and other privileges for your benefit, the information will be provided through electronic mail. (e-mail), telephone text messages (SMS), or any other appropriate method as you have consented to.

4.2     To provide special privileges, including birthday and/or month of birth benefits from points to be used as discounts or redemptions for gifts, etc.

4.3     To answer your questions to customer service, process the complaints you have made to the Company or take any action in response to your inquiries or any other activity on the Website or on any other customer service platform.

4.4     To invite to participate in the Company’s activities and product launches.

4.5     To deliver documents such as catalogs, birthday cards, etc.

4.6     To ship the goods, return the goods you purchased from the Company. 

4.7     To manage the payment of commercial transactions regarding the purchase of your goods with the Company.

4.8     To be used to process, analyze, to improve products and services to be as suitable as possible to meet your needs.

4.9     To be used in market research, surveys, as well as customer satisfaction surveys, internal market analysis, customer data preparation, analysis of customer models and shopping choices for the purpose of planning and statistical analysis and data collection to study trends related to the Company’s products and/or services, reporting, business forecasting, and personalized marketing and promotions.

5.     Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company may disclose your Personal Data to third parties as necessary to meet the purposes set forth in this Policy. 

5.1     Agent Affiliated companies or related companies located within Thailand or abroad. 

5.2     In order for these persons to provide services to the Company and you (e.g., freight service providers, storage and warehouse service providers, logistics service providers, document preparation and delivery service providers such as catalogs or birthday cards, etc., consultants or experts, telecommunications service providers, information technology service providers, marketing and promotional service providers, etc.), third parties to whom the Company will disclose personal information, the Company will take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is protected and secured, such as agreeing to a contract that has conditions for third parties to use your personal data as specified in the contract only,   agreeing to a trade confidentiality agreement. (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to maintain the confidentiality of information received for business operations, etc.

5.3     Officials, government agencies, or legal government agencies comply with the rules and regulations provided by applicable law.

6.     Your rights as the owner of personal data

If the Company has collected, used, or disclosed your Personal Data for the purposes set out in this Policy, you have the following rights under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019)

6.1     Right to be notified of the personal data collected, how to collect it, the purpose of which personal information is used, the person who will receive the data, and how long it will take to store it.

6.2     Right of access your personal data and ask the Company to make copies of such personal data, as well as requesting the Company to disclose the acquisition of personal data that you have not consented to.

6.3     Right to request the transmission or transfer of your personal data (right to data portability) to another data controller.

6.4     Right to withdraw consent, you have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data that you have given consent to throughout the period your personal data is with the Company.

6.5     Right to request removal or destruction, you have the right to erasure or ask the Company to delete your data for some reason.

6.6     The right to restriction of processing, you have the right to suspend the use of your personal data for some reason.

6.7     Right to correct personal information (right to rectification), you have the right to ask the Company to correct inaccurate data or add incomplete information.

6.8     The right to complain to the Company or the Personal Data Protection Committee if you consider that any of your rights have been violated by the Company and causes damage to you as the owner of the Personal Data.

6.9     The right to ask the Company to disclose the acquisition of your personal data if you do not give your consent.

6.10  Right to object to personal information processing, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for specific reasons.

If you wish to exercise the rights mentioned above, you will have to do so in writing, and the Company will make the best efforts to do so within a reasonable period. The Company shall comply with the legal requirements relating to your rights as the owner of personal data.

Exercising the right to delete, destroy, and make personal information non-personally identifiable, request to temporarily suspend the use of the data, or the withdrawal of consent may prevent the Company from providing services to you.

7.     How long does it take to store personal information?

The Company will only retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy except where the law requires such personal data to be stored for a more extended period and if the storage period or your personal data is not necessary, the Company will delete, destroy or make the Personal Data non-personally identifiable.

8.     Personal Data Protection Measures

The Company has provided appropriate security measures to prevent the loss, access, use, change, correction, or disclosure of personal data without authority or unlawful use. The Company will review such measures when necessary or when technology changes to ensure appropriate security efficiency.

9.     Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy as necessary and appropriate by any amendment, and the Company will announce and display it on the Company’s website or in other suitable ways.

10.   Information about cookies

The Company uses cookies on this website as a tool to help distinguish your website usage patterns from other users, which will help you gain a positive experience from using the website and help us improve the quality of the website. If you continue to use this website, you consent to us installing cookies on your computer.

11.   Contacting the Company 

If you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy, or you wish to exercise your rights as specified in Clause 6. You can contact us at

 Y.M.F. International Thailand Co., Ltd.

Data Protection (D.P.) at e-mail: This Privacy Policy has been created in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 and is published in Thai and English formats.

Policy Announcement Date – April 29, 2022

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